“But Ecuador is full of surprises.
Perhaps because it is a place you don’t hear much about.
But after you’ve been there, you’ll know you have made a wonderful discovery.”

Lynne Castillo- Ecuador Tour Leader
​​​​​​​We are taking off on this spectacular tour in April of 2019. It has nearly been a year in the making. We are joining forces with Lynne Castillo (pictured below) who has recently been traveling extensively in Central and South America.
A few words from Lynne-
​​​​​​​"Ecuador is not a destination that most people think of. Most travelers stop here on the way to the Galapagos and discover a place of diverse beauty with a vibrant indigenous culture still in place. In this one small country, there is the massive spine of the Andes mountains, the Amazon jungle and tropical rain and cloud forests. Add to that the Galapagos islands off its coast, and you have a place that deserves to be travelled."

More from Lynne-

"Ecuador literally translates to 'Republic of the Equator' and I arrived here several years ago because my brother generously gave me some of his airline miles. After he gave me the miles, I thought to myself, where have I not been? I realized that I had never been to South America. So I choose Ecuador without really knowing anything about it."

From Lynne-
​​​​​​​"But I got lucky. As I was putting the trip together I was awed at the number of places that this small country had on offer, and my list grew longer and longer. I had mistakenly booked my trip during the rainy season and was afraid I would not be able to do all the hiking I wanted. But instead I ran into only a few rainy days and was rewarded by verdant green mountains and an amazing number and types of wild flowers. I realized after one spectacular hike that I spent the entire time snapping picture after picture of wildflowers, all different."
"A few days later, road closings forced me to change my plans to visit the well known Cotopaxi National Park in favor of the caldera hike ringing Lake Quilatoa. Ecuador is filled with volcanos in one state or another, either live or extinct or waiting. And I learned that in the indigenous culture of Ecuador, they all have names, personalities (male or female) and relationships with each other."

"Anyways, the lake was so stunning, I made the decision to come back and hike the trail that went the whole way around. This turned out to be quite tough, as I was still fresh to adjusting to the altitude. I was huffing and puffing as I came upon a trail maker saying that I had reached the a summit of 12,000ft! I decided that it was o.k." that I was slightly out of breath.

"I was also glad to pick up hiking companions along the way.

More than a few times I was befriended by random dogs that choose me and became my travel buddies. People in Ecuador apparently love dogs, and you can see them everywhere. I came across quite a few at hotels, on the streets, on trails. Our family dog had passed away just before I went on this trip and I found it quite comforting to be befriended by these dogs."
Lynne Castillo- Ecuador Tour Leader

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